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Beneficial Microbes For Hydroponics

Posted by Peter Funnell on

Beneficial bacteria have been shown to increase the availability of nutrients and moisture required for plant growth, while improving soil structure. They provide a biological connection between roots and nutrients present in the soil. A popular brand has been used to grow a 907.2kg pumpkin in 2012!

• Helps roots use more nutrients.
• Improve root structures.
• Great for vegetables, fruits, herbs, and flowers .
If you haven’t heard of mycorrhiza, it’s a microbe that builds root mass and with more roots, you get more fruits. It is best suited to Terra, coco and rockwool systems and can be used as a supplement to any nutrient line. Use unchlorinated water for best results. Come and see us at Hydroponic Central because we have some free sample packs for you to try, for a limited time only.

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