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Solar Power Hydroponics

Sun powered Hydroponic pumping systems
Here is a design for a 12v solar powered pumping system to circulate a nutrient solution through a hydroponic plant growing system.

The solar panel collects the sun’s energy and converts it to electricity. The controller (black box) regulates the charge rate to the battery. The controller has seperate terminals for the solar panel, battery, and load (pump). The controller performs many important functions to protect the battery and manage the energy to the pumps. The controller also provides indication of operating status via LED indicator lights. The pumping cycles are managed by the timer (white box) and are programmed to switch the pumps on and off as required to keep the plants root’s moist. The battery (black rectangular box) stores solar energy and when the timer contacts closes and delivers the stored energy to the pumps.

All items needed are available separate or as a complete kit on the HYDROPONIC KITS section of our online store.