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Starting Off

Hydroponic Gardening -
Do it Right the First Time!

Hydroponic Gardening is simply growing without soil. In a hydroponic garden you provide all of the nutrients your plants need through the water in the system. Plants require water, nutrients, and oxygen at the root level, and different hydroponic systems will provide these three elements in various different ways.

Questions to ask your self before starting:

  • Where do you want to grow ? i.e. indoors/ balcony/ hothouse or just outdoors.
  • What plants do you want to grow? different plants have their own requirements.
  • If growing outside are the conditions suitable for good growth? i.e. too hot/cold/ windy etc.
  • Would you like it to be low maintenance or are you happy to water by hand? Level of automation.

How do you start today?
Why not select one of our self watering kits (we have lots for under $100) and try it for yourself. Take action now.